Training Module

 Management System

 Technology Module

 Quality Management Module

 Human Capital Module

 Production Module

 Maintenance Module

 Root Cause analysis and cause and effect

 Commercial Module

 Branding, Marketing and Sales Module

 Cost and Benefit Analysis

Export & Import J.V.

 Export the knowledge base products and Technology

 Import Parts and material for Factories

 Canadian Enterprise Joint Venture

Software Solution

 IPC Group

 Integrated Total System for Calibration Laboratory Management



is a one way ticket for Future.

Lights out

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Technology Transfer in ikTec Module

 INNOBIZ South Korea



Management Engineering Module

 Root cause analysis

 Strategic planning

 Problem Solving

 System Analysis and Design

 Cost and Benefit Analysis

 Feasibility Study

 7S Mckinsey Analysis

 Market Research and Analysis


Quality Management System






 Systems Scopes:

 Quality Management System:ISO9001/2015

 Automotive Quality System: ISO16949/2016 IATF

 Energy Management System :ISO50001/2016

 Testing and Calibration :ISO/IEC17025/2017

 Environmental Management System:ISO14001:2015

 Food Safety Management :ISO22000:2018

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Biotechnology (Joint Venture)

 Probiotics Supplement

 Waste water Treatment

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